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Industry News: The 19 year old SSL Bug.

Posted by Chris Townsend

14-Nov-2014 15:53:00

Earlier in the week it was reported that Microsoft had patched a 19-year-old bug found in its SSL software. The flaw was discovered by IBM researchers in May this year and found that it affects Windows and Office products, however they worked closely with Microsoft to fix the problem before going public.


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Video Conferencing: Top tips for closing sales.

Posted by Chris Townsend

17-Oct-2014 10:00:00

We all have our preferred method of pitching a solution or product to a potential customer; some of us prefer to get up close and personal, show them all the bells and whistles. Others like to keep a long correspondence of jumbled emails, and the rest of us simply pick up the phone in the hope of catching customers at the right time. What about video? Let's take a look at what video meetings could do for your sales force.


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Video Conferencing On The Go!

Posted by Chris Townsend

08-Oct-2014 09:36:04

Whether you're waiting for your train or walking through the high street it's everywhere; technology.  When taking your daily commute on busy public transport tear your eyes away from your screen for a few seconds and see everyone emerged in their own little electronic world.


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Video Conferencing across all devices

Posted by Chris Townsend

01-Oct-2014 14:00:00

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, or where you're based, a face to face conversation is second to none when it comes to getting your point across quickly and correctly. Whether it's a 3 minute chat or an hour long discussion with a new customer having that interaction cannot be beaten.


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The Doctor Will See You, Now

Posted by Matt Cole

15-Jul-2014 09:00:00

BCS Global is enabling the next frontier in mental health – Telemental Health.

Telemental Heath PicTelemedicine, the use of video conferencing and telepresence in healthcare, is becoming increasingly popular for mental health services. Mental health professionals including physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and other specialists can now communicate easily over long distances with their patients. On-Demand video conferencing, from the comfortable environment of the patient’s choice, is becoming standard practice. New patients are seeking mental health services without the associated stigma of visiting a doctor’s office. With BCS Global video conferencing solutions, healthcare offices can effortlessly expand their services to incorporate telemedicine.

BCS Global has the Virtual Presence that can be deployed as a Cloud-Based managed service or as a Customer-Hosted managed service, and provides a consistent and high quality user experience irrespective of the deployment option, utilizing either BCS Global’s state-of-the-art video infrastructure or directly through the customer’s video infrastructure.

How will Video Conferencing change mental healthcare? Learn more by downloading the free “Trends in Telemedicine” reference guide.


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A Return to Face-to-Face

Posted by Lori Palarchio

10-Sep-2013 15:37:00

Lori Palarchio, Director of Human Capital at BCS Global Networks speaks around her experiences with video conferencing and the benefits its provides her in the human resource space.


Every HR manager spends many hours every month interviewing unsuitable candidates. Applicants often travel for miles to get to the interview and use their annual leave to attend. For this reason most HR managers give them a fair hearing, even if it quickly becomes apparent that they do not have the right qualifications or personality for the job.
If HR is interviewing for a senior position and the candidate has been head-hunted, they may find that the person they really want for the job is too busy to travel and will decline an interview, despite initial interest. Increasingly, the challenge of recruiting teams dispersed across the globe also needs to be addressed. In this case the cost of travel can become prohibitive and the company’s vision of recruiting only the best is put in jeopardy.

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Times have changed: Video communications is here to stay

Posted by Dan Tanel

18-Jun-2013 12:14:00

Dan Tanel, BCS Global CTO discusses why now is the time to reconsider video communications in order to gain competitive advantage, drive operational efficiencies and improve collaboration.

In the past, many businesses invested in video communications solutions to combat rising travel costs and growing globalisation. Yet, not long after purchasing this often pricey equipment, numerous firms struggled to get to grips with video conferencing as they found it expensive to make calls and unnatural to use. Today, almost 90 per cent of these facilities now sit unused [Gartner].



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