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Posted by Matt Cole

01-Apr-2014 15:31:00

BCS Global introduces iView, powered by Vidyo 3.0, adding user experience innovation to the Industry’s most scalable collaboration system.

BCS Global today announced its next generation iView, powered by Vidyo, Inc, providing enhanced usability and new innovations to its software-based video communications and collaboration portfolio with the integration of VidyoConferencing™ 3.0. Vidyo, a strategic partner of BCS Global, has revolutionized the video conferencing industry with its award-winning VidyoWorks™ platform that delivers unparalleled user experiences on devices and networks people already have, all at audio conferencing prices and while connecting legacy video conferencing devices and phones as needed.


The VidyoConferencing 3.0 upgrade propels the industry forward once again, providing users with a newly designed integrated desktop that raises the bar on the video user experience and democratizes access to visual communications.


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BCS Global brings you Cloudmedia

Posted by Matt Cole

16-Aug-2013 15:12:00

Cloudmedia is an end-to-end visual communications fully managed service enabling media-rich digital content, without the need for significant capital expenditure or specialist know-how. Our cloud-based service provides a reliable, scalable and cost-effective platform for all types of organisations.
The Cloudmedia experience is not about the technology to execute the solution, in fact, technology is secondary… It is about ensuring the delivery of engaging, relevant, easy-to-understand, and meaningful content to the targeted audience.
Cloudmedia focuses on the ongoing success of the platform and has been built with this in mind. It enables you to connect with your audience 24/7/365, seamlessly, supported by our team of specialists and offering that one point of accountability. 

...visit www.bcscloudmedia.com for more info



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BCS Global announces strategic partnership with Vidtel to provide Virtual Connect

Posted by Matt Cole

07-Aug-2013 15:49:00

Collaboration paves the way for a new cloud-based any-to-any video conferencing solution

London, United Kingdom – August 7, 2013 – BCS Global Network Limited
, a leading worldwide provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence, and visual collaboration services, announces a strategic partnership with Vidtel to provide Virtual Connect, a new cloud based, any-to-any video conferencing service.

imageWhen it comes to video conferencing, businesses struggle with the complexities around multi-vendor interoperability and the difficulty of communicating across different video conferencing systems. Often there is significant capital expenditure required in the installation of multiple video conferencing systems and a significant spend in expertise to maintain these systems. Virtual Connect is a cloud-based offering connecting SIP, H.323, Skype and Google Talk in one virtual meeting space accessible to everyone via the internet. The solution is an affordable, easy to use service, while maintaining quality and usability and is designed for the SMB and large enterprise space.

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