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BCS Global Trademark

Posted by Chris Townsend

30-Jun-2015 11:09:36

BCS Global now a fully registered as a Trademark. 


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BCS Global becomes a Trademark

Posted by Chris Townsend

23-Jun-2015 09:30:00

BCS Global is successfully registered as a Trademark. 


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Going Green with Video Conferencing

Posted by Chris Townsend

22-Apr-2015 10:00:00

In an ever changing and environmentally cautious world, businesses are looking to ‘Go Green’ now more than ever. At BCS Global, we took a look at how ‘Green’ Video Conferencing can be for your business.


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A Return to Face-to-Face

Posted by Lori Palarchio

10-Sep-2013 15:37:00

Lori Palarchio, Director of Human Capital at BCS Global Networks speaks around her experiences with video conferencing and the benefits its provides her in the human resource space.


Every HR manager spends many hours every month interviewing unsuitable candidates. Applicants often travel for miles to get to the interview and use their annual leave to attend. For this reason most HR managers give them a fair hearing, even if it quickly becomes apparent that they do not have the right qualifications or personality for the job.
If HR is interviewing for a senior position and the candidate has been head-hunted, they may find that the person they really want for the job is too busy to travel and will decline an interview, despite initial interest. Increasingly, the challenge of recruiting teams dispersed across the globe also needs to be addressed. In this case the cost of travel can become prohibitive and the company’s vision of recruiting only the best is put in jeopardy.

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Seeing is often believing. But does the new interest in video conferencing mean there is even more pressure on space? Not necessarily, says Dan Tanel.

Posted by Dan Tanel

16-Aug-2013 15:18:00

Nobody can really predict what tomorrow’s workforce will look like, but someone has to take a calculated guess to ensure all the practical needs of an organisation will be met.
However, there is one safe bet. Office space will always be one of the most costly overheads for most businesses. Pressure will continue to reduce the average footprint of each employee, especially for companies operating in London and other cities, where commercial property prices remain high.

This demand is having an interesting side-effect. Increasingly, facilities management, human resources and IT departments are coming out of their silos and working more closely, as all three functions are intrinsically linked by the implications of remote working and the subsequent rise of ‘hot-desking’.

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Times have changed: Video communications is here to stay

Posted by Dan Tanel

18-Jun-2013 12:14:00

Dan Tanel, BCS Global CTO discusses why now is the time to reconsider video communications in order to gain competitive advantage, drive operational efficiencies and improve collaboration.

In the past, many businesses invested in video communications solutions to combat rising travel costs and growing globalisation. Yet, not long after purchasing this often pricey equipment, numerous firms struggled to get to grips with video conferencing as they found it expensive to make calls and unnatural to use. Today, almost 90 per cent of these facilities now sit unused [Gartner].



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