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The Doctor Will See You, Now

Posted by Matt Cole

15-Jul-2014 09:00:00

BCS Global is enabling the next frontier in mental health – Telemental Health.

Telemental Heath PicTelemedicine, the use of video conferencing and telepresence in healthcare, is becoming increasingly popular for mental health services. Mental health professionals including physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and other specialists can now communicate easily over long distances with their patients. On-Demand video conferencing, from the comfortable environment of the patient’s choice, is becoming standard practice. New patients are seeking mental health services without the associated stigma of visiting a doctor’s office. With BCS Global video conferencing solutions, healthcare offices can effortlessly expand their services to incorporate telemedicine.

BCS Global has the Virtual Presence that can be deployed as a Cloud-Based managed service or as a Customer-Hosted managed service, and provides a consistent and high quality user experience irrespective of the deployment option, utilizing either BCS Global’s state-of-the-art video infrastructure or directly through the customer’s video infrastructure.

How will Video Conferencing change mental healthcare? Learn more by downloading the free “Trends in Telemedicine” reference guide.


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