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Cloudmedia speaks with Retail Systems Magazine regarding in-store digital media

Posted by Matt Cole

22-Jul-2013 17:18:00

Need to know more about digital media in-store? Matt Cole, Director of Marketing and Creative at BCS Global shares his thoughts with Retail Systems Magazine.


Digital signage and interactive displays and kiosks have great possibilities, but what are the pitfalls to watch out for?
Deployments that have no ownership moving forwards are potentially a major concern. This typically results in poor content refreshes, minimal strategic engagement and underutilised systems. A failure to provide on-going support and a consequent inability to upgrade and enhance system capabilities quickly enough to keep pace with market demands is another common pitfall.

John Lewis recently talked about understanding that retailers when testing new technology must be prepared to ‘fail fast’ and quickly move on. Would you agree?
I would agree if retailers go it alone as every environment is different. Teaming up with the right experts to deliver your visual communications network is key as this will result in more knowledge and understanding from the outset, the right tools in place to understand and evolve your delivery, while allowing the all-important ownership of the solution to have some focus. At the same time, partnering with a service provider to access a cost effective dynamic subscription model will provide retailers with the flexibility and elasticity needed to drive a successful programme.

How can retailers use in-store media to make their stores a more convenient and desirable place for shoppers?
Retailers can do this by using in-store media to enhance their in-store experience, to deliver targeted and focused in-store messaging and to allow shoppers to have access to the information and data they require to make the right purchasing decisions. In-store media elevates the brand of the retailer as a progressive, ‘thinking’ organisation that consumers want to do business with.

Can in-store media help stem the rising phenomenon of show rooming?
In-store media is a great canvas on which to deliver content-rich engagements for consumers. It is far more ‘alive’ than print and can even deliver more than the product itself. When used correctly, the tool can communicate so much information that is easily digested by the consumer. It is the perfect enhancement for ‘show rooming’ and can create the added customer experience required. In the future, we expect to see video kiosks, with access to product specialists 24/7 over video-conferencing, to effectively answer customer questions about the products ‘face-to-face’.  

How can retailers effectively link up their online and in-store channels through in-store media and how can they put their data to good use across channels?
That is one of the advantages of in-store media. It already puts you in that digital world and allows seamless linking to other online sources. Online channels have become a part of our lives and having this seamless integration has the potential to deliver significant added value for retailers.

The technology available is all well and good, but how should retailers ensure that the products for sale were not overshadowed by the technology?
Retailers need to look at the platform as an enhancement to the products. It allows you to give more information around the product in an easily digestible format. Examples include specification information, linking live to stock information, suggesting related products etc. Then on top of this it can provide you with live information about user interactions and behaviours, which in turn gives you the all-important data you need to evolve your in-store strategy.

What in your view does the future of in-store technology look like?
In-store technology is a given today and will move at a fast pace as new innovations becomes available and affordable. We understand this and we are fully focused on making these platforms a success with the right content and strategy in place, all delivered via the cloud. This allows us to concentrate on supporting the communications between the consumer and the content, while at the same time monitoring technology behind the scenes to ensure everything is running correctly.

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