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BCS Global brings you Cloudmedia

Posted by Matt Cole

16-Aug-2013 15:12:00

Cloudmedia is an end-to-end visual communications fully managed service enabling media-rich digital content, without the need for significant capital expenditure or specialist know-how. Our cloud-based service provides a reliable, scalable and cost-effective platform for all types of organisations.
The Cloudmedia experience is not about the technology to execute the solution, in fact, technology is secondary… It is about ensuring the delivery of engaging, relevant, easy-to-understand, and meaningful content to the targeted audience.
Cloudmedia focuses on the ongoing success of the platform and has been built with this in mind. It enables you to connect with your audience 24/7/365, seamlessly, supported by our team of specialists and offering that one point of accountability. 

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Visual communications is far more than a screen on a wall.
It is a platform that enables brands to deliver immersive information to consumers and employees via an unlimited number of endpoints, regardless of their locations, all via one centralised platform.
It should be managed by one or more individuals, with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities delivering the right experience to the right people at the right time, creating the ultimate viewer engagement.
‘ So… what does that mean? ’
A visual communications strategy should have four main objectives in place:
  1. It should attract people and enhance your brand experience.
  2. It should inform and educate to drive revenue or increase productivity.
  3. It should engage and interact to deliver seamless brand messaging.
  4. It should influence behaviours at the optimum opportunity.



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