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World Cup 2014 and Videoconferencing

Posted by Matt Cole

14-Apr-2014 11:32:00

Clive Sawkins, CEO at BCS Global, speaks about some of the issues many companies will experience during this years world cup campaign. Could cost effective, software-based business video communication and collaboration solutions be the answer? [VIDEO] 



Posted by Matt Cole

01-Apr-2014 15:31:00

BCS Global introduces iView, powered by Vidyo 3.0, adding user experience innovation to the Industry’s most scalable collaboration system.

BCS Global today announced its next generation iView, powered by Vidyo, Inc, providing enhanced usability and new innovations to its software-based video communications and collaboration portfolio with the integration of VidyoConferencing™ 3.0. Vidyo, a strategic partner of BCS Global, has revolutionized the video conferencing industry with its award-winning VidyoWorks™ platform that delivers unparalleled user experiences on devices and networks people already have, all at audio conferencing prices and while connecting legacy video conferencing devices and phones as needed.


The VidyoConferencing 3.0 upgrade propels the industry forward once again, providing users with a newly designed integrated desktop that raises the bar on the video user experience and democratizes access to visual communications.


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A Great Partner Community!

Posted by Matt Cole

25-Feb-2014 12:34:00

Clive Sawkins, CEO - BCS Global, speaks about the being awarded both the Deloitte UK Fast 50 and EMEA Fast 500. Without having and supporting the partner community that BCS Global have built over the years, awards likes this would not be possible, so thanks go out to the great partner community!



New Demonstration Facility

Posted by Matt Cole

25-Feb-2014 11:13:00

BCS Global are moving their UK Headquarters to a purpose built demonstration facility where they will have the latest in video collaboration and screenmedia communication technology on show! The move will be taking place at the end of March this year, where the facilities will be open for both partners and customers to take advantage of this excellent space! Take a sneak peak below and subscribe to email updates to be sure you are on the forefront of the communications.





Signs of Things to Come

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:48:00

Digital signage is becoming more accessible and affordable says Matt Cole, director of marketing and creative at BCS Cloudmedia


Not What You Do…. But the Way That You Do It

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:47:04

Could a cloud-based model for digital signage including the creation and management of content be a step in the right direction? Or will security worries prevent take-up? Matt Cole, director of marketing and creative of BCS Global discusses…

Many of us have done it at some time in our lives. We decide to take up golf, learn to paint, play the oboe or some other temporary enthusiasm. We start with good intentions and  buy the books and all the kit, at great expense. We then realise that we don’t really have time to give it the time and attention needed to do it properly. 


Make your digital signs work harder in 2014

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:42:00

The global digital signage industry looks set to hit $13.9 million (£8.5 million) by the end of the year, with retailers making up around 42 percent of the market, according to the research and analyst firm IHS. As a result, shoppers that venture into the high street this year are going to come across many more digital screens than they did in the past.

This is not surprising: to address fierce competition from online brands, traditional retailers are doing all they can to maximise the spend of every customer that walks through the door in a far more proactive way than ever before.

How can retailers who have invested in these screens receive the best return this year? Firstly, don't lose sight of the big picture. You wouldn't plan an advertising campaign without an overarching plan – but it's surprising how some retailers see their digital signage programme as something separate from their wider marketing strategy. Like conventional marketing collateral, digital signage must attract attention, keep the viewer engrossed, transfer easy-to-understand knowledge and convert interest into sales.

Customer knowledge is key. All retailers like to believe that they know who they are targeting, but a stereotyped customer profile is no longer enough: you need to know why they are there and what makes them tick. Does the store attract the kind of person that regards shopping as a leisure activity, or are they making practical purchases and want easily accessible information for a quick buying decision? All of this should affect the way your digital content is designed and delivered.

A shop in a commuter town might be full of older people and parents of young children during the week, yet packed with young professionals at the weekend, therefore it is imperative to make sure that your content is flexible and can be tweaked accordingly – and you can take advantage of the latest technology to do this. It's now possible to use embedded cameras with facial recognition technology to monitor who is looking at the screen, triggering different content according to age or gender.

You can now buy digital signage as a managed service in the cloud. This method combines the on-going support of hardware and software with the creation, management and measurement of content, working with a retailer's marketing team where appropriate. As a result, upfront costs are significantly reduced, the solution is highly scalable and retailers have access to digital signage professionals who are completely abreast of the latest ideas and developments in designing, monitoring and measuring campaigns.

At the heart of all of this, the customer must remain the central focus. It might appear obvious, but many digital signs are used as pure advertising vehicles, instead of providing information that will make customers' lives easier. Digital signage solutions need to do far more than simply convey a message; they are best used within a marketing mix that enriches the audience experience.


Bright new era dawns with cloud-based digital signage

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:36:00

Cloud technology is helping to make digital signs a far more attractive proposition for a wider range of businesses than ever before. Cloud-based solutions mean that digital signage can be offered as a managed service with a modest upfront payment and subsequent monthly fee, rather than needing a huge one-off investment. Businesses can easily scale up their use of the signs as their strategy evolves.


Top Tips for using digital screens this Christmas

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:33:53

Many retailers will be using digital screens for the first time this festive season. How can they maximise their impact? Matt Cole, Director of Marketing and Creative at BCS Global gives some tips:


How to make the most of digital signage

Posted by Matt Cole

27-Jan-2014 08:29:54

Retailers are recognising that printed marketing and sales collateral can no longer be produced quickly and cost-effectively enough to keep up with today’s accelerated product lifecycles and rapidly evolving trends. Subsequently, many are investing in in-store digital screens to display content that can be constantly refreshed to reflect changing promotions and sales patterns.

However, does digital signage provide a return on investment for retailers?



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