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Video Conferencing Blog | Vantage Point

Cloudmedia: A different point of view.

Advantages of Video Meetings for Sales

Video Conferencing across all web browsers

Integrating Skype into Virtual Connect

What a web hosted Video Conferencing service should do.

Advantages of Video Meetings for Marketing

OVCC Leaders Address Enterprise-Grade Video

Video Conferencing by department

Video Conferencing Current Trends

OVCC Best Practices

Advantages of brand-ability with video conferencing

BCS Global Race Team - Lotus Elise Trophy

How Retailers Can Use Digital Signage To Boost Sales This Easter

Video Conferencing for the SME

Video Conferencing – Privacy On The Go.

BCS Global launches new on-demand meeting space Virtual Connect Polycom Powered

BCS Global Partner with Sony Europe for ISE 2015

The Advantage of a Browser Based Video Conferencing

Personal Video Conferencing Rooms - Your Virtual Office

BCS Global’s Clive Sawkins represents world’s largest video producers as new OVCC board president

Video conferencing: As easy as 1-2-3

Video Guidance’s Rachel Rice named CFO of parent company, BCS Global.

BCS Global successfully renews ISO 27001 Certification.

Elements of Digital Signage: Content is King!

Elements of Digital Signage: Seasons & Events

BCS Global Acquires U.S. Based Video Guidance

Virtual Insight - Understand your Audience

Elements of Digital Signage: Location, Location, Location.

Global Communication: The Benefits of Video.

Elements of Digital Signage: The Colour run.

Elements of Digital Signage: Is that your style?

Industry News: The 19 year old SSL Bug.

Elements of Digital Signage: Fonts and Formatting.

Using Digital Signage in your Store.

Continuing Nursing and Medical Education with Video Conferencing

First Responder training using video

Info Sheet - ADA Compliance for the Deaf

Cloudmedia Race Car Wins The Fiesta Championship

Video Conferencing for Student Recruitment

Industry - Behavioural and Mental Health

Industry - Foreign Language instruction

Industry - Early Education

Video Conferencing: Top tips for closing sales.

Elements of Digital Signage: Pictures that paint a few thousand words.

Cloudmedia: Strength in Hardware.

The lines between Signage & Social Media are getting 'Cloudy'.

Video Conferencing On The Go!

Video Conferencing across all devices

Video Conferencing that grows as you do!

Fill your stockings with Cloudmedia this Christmas

Telemedicine: Connecting Professionals

Video Conferencing: The Evolution Of Cost.

3 Simple Rules When Buying A Video Conferencing Platform.

Reliable Video Conferencing Is... Cloudy.

Cloud Partners 2014: Promoting an Exciting New Product Launch!

Top 5 reasons your restaurant should consider throwing out your menu and replacing it with a cloud based digital solution!

BCS Global Interviews Blank Rome, LLP

The Doctor Will See You, Now

8 Reasons Digital Signage is Ideal for the Hospitality Industry

BCS Global Provides Simplified Collaboration Experience

BCS Global Publishes Corporate Case Study

The Mayor Opens BCS Global's New HQ

Mayor of Slough to Open BCS Global's New Unified Collaboration Facility.

BCS Global Realizes Double-Digit Growth in 2013

World Cup 2014 and Videoconferencing


A Great Partner Community!

New Demonstration Facility

Signs of Things to Come

Not What You Do…. But the Way That You Do It

Make your digital signs work harder in 2014

Bright new era dawns with cloud-based digital signage

Top Tips for using digital screens this Christmas

How to make the most of digital signage

A Return to Face-to-Face

Seeing is often believing. But does the new interest in video conferencing mean there is even more pressure on space? Not necessarily, says Dan Tanel.

BCS Global brings you Cloudmedia

BCS Global announces strategic partnership with Vidtel to provide Virtual Connect

Cloudmedia speaks with Retail Systems Magazine regarding in-store digital media

Times have changed: Video communications is here to stay

BCS Global Opens New Data Centre in Shanghai

BCS Global Celebrates Banner Year as Video Collaboration goes Mainstream

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes BCS Global For Its Outstanding Performance in the European Visual Collaboration Market



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