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8 Reasons Digital Signage is Ideal for the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Matt Cole

07-Jul-2014 16:46:43

The hospitality and hotel industry remains a fast-growing area of expansion for digital signage deployments.  With BCS Global’s solution, Cloudmedia, you can easily manage your property or group of properties’ visual communications all from one central location via the Cloud. 

Here are a list of top 8 reasons why you should consider upgrading your hotel’s visual communications systems with Cloudmedia digital signage:

  1. Dedicated Signage for Events

    Real time data is automatically displayed throughout your hotel via Cloudmedia.  Hotels can easily direct with wayfinding and meeting room signs.  Company events can be branded more effectively throughout the hotel conference center, lobby, and restaurant environments.  And after the event is over, signage can be changed seamlessly.
  1. Your Helpful Digital Concierge

    Digital signage operated as a concierge hospitality application is about providing hotel guests pertinent and accommodating information.  Hotel guests can find digital coupons for happy hour, dining availability and reservations, local event ticketing and weather forecasts all integrated from the Cloud.  Cloudmedia provides easy to deploy digital signage, providing information seekers access beyond traditional routes of concierge service.
  1. Airport Hotel Navigating Made Easy

    Digital signage provides valuable wayfinding for directing guests to and from airports.  Provided travel information such as up-to-date flight times make traveling hassle-free.


The trend of digital signage in the hospitality sector is here to stay!  While hotels are gaining additional revenue and decreasing their expenses, they are improving guest experiences from check-in to check-out. BCS Global has the infrastructure and comprehensive solutions to architect signage installations and help with the content delivery.  Cloudmedia’s heartbeat monitor, 24/7/365 help desk support and network management assist and provide hotels the services, solutions and tools to elevate their visual communications.

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